There’s something both nostalgic and enthralling about being in Nashville. From its thriving music scene to its artful mixologists, foodie havens, and endless nightlife, there’s a bar to impress everyone here in Music City.

Whether you’re visiting with friends for a relaxing getaway or for an all-out bachelorette party, here are our favorite local Nashville bars for those looking for some fun off the beaten path. We guarantee each place will be a night to remember.


  • Best for couples and small groups

Hailing from New York, Attaboy is a top bar in Nashville that is bound to wow you with their custom cocktails. That’s right—there’s no drink menu, everything is custom. When you walk inside (you’ll have to knock on the door to be let in), a mixologist will ask you all the right questions to create a seriously delicious cocktail just for you.

Perfect drink match-making aside, we love the vibe you’ll find at Attaboy: low-key, chilled, and very much cool. The hours fly when you’re perched on a leather bar stool and sipping with your chosen companion in this high-end speakeasy.


  • Best for older groups and couples

For a sophisticated, downtown Nashville bar, we love how comfortable Black Rabbit feels. Its vintage parlor look brings funky live music, a really cool vibe, and hands down the best happy hour in town.

For drinks: you have to try a cocktail from their exquisite selection—or if you’re a beer or wine aficionado, they’ll have you covered too. For a complete Black Rabbit experience, we recommend you dig into some of their creative dishes cooked over their wood-fire grill.


  • Best for bachelorette parties, weddings, and large groups

If you thought an island getaway and Nashville don’t fit in the same sentence, Pearl Diver will get you rethinking. Step inside and the bar will transport you to the tropics: sit by a sea-cabin window, soak in the Polynesian-inspired decor, and sip a classic island drink.

Rave-worthy must-tries are their Pearl Diver cocktail (blended butter, rum, and spices) and their Tijuana fries. With super fun pop-ups and a spacious back patio with torchlights and cabanas, the Pearl Diver is easily one of the best bars in Nashville for large groups.


  • Best for bachelorette parties and younger groups

A star Nashville bar in Germantown, Mother’s Ruin combines crafty, unique cocktails with large-portioned food that will satisfy every foodie dream you have. But what always has us coming back was the super friendly staff (who you’ll also be calling by name).

Boasting ample space across two floors, regular events and parties held in their “upstairs apartment”, and a late 2am closing time, Mother’s Ruin is a top spot for late-night drinks in Nashville—preferably with a Pickleback or Chartreuse Gimlet in hand.


  • Best for couples and older groups

The Patterson House is an upscale, intimate speakeasy that ranks more than five stars for us in one department: cocktails. Once you’re in—and making sure you're following their House Rules—you’ll be seated in a nostalgic, dimly lit space, with bartenders in button-downs ready to work their art.

Their extensive cocktail and small food menu focuses on quality and creativity (their bitters and syrups are all made in-house) and anything you order is bound to impress you and your table. Simply put, the Patterson House is one of the best places to drink in Nashville if you don’t mind splurging just a little bit.


  • Best for families, couples, and small groups

If you’re in search of a unique bar in Nashville, allow us to introduce you to Bastion. This half cocktail bar, half restaurant has mind-blowingly phenomenal food, unique artistic touches, and a laid-back vibe.

You can watch the chef create culinary art from the seasonal menu or order craft beers and the house-specialty nachos as vinyl tunes play in the background. We love that they host frequent events and pop-up guest chefs. Despite Bastion’s fame, this bar never feels pretentious and is always casual and welcoming.


Where Are the Best Bars in Nashville?

  • Home to the famed Honkey Tonks, it’s only fitting that the best bars in Nashville are found on “Honkey Tonk Row”—a 20-block area within Broadway. But unique to Music City, you’ll also find plenty of cocktail spots spread around town.

What is the Famous Drink in Nashville?

  • The Bushwacker. Think creme de cacao, coconut, dark rum, and milk, all mixed with crushed ice. A staple in any Nashville bachelorette party and a must-have if you’re just around town.

What is the Oldest Bar in Nashville?

  • Opening its doors in 1897, Springwater Supper Club & Lounge is not only Nashville’s oldest bar but the oldest in all of Tennessee. But if we’re talking Honkey Tonks: Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge (1960) takes the prize.

What Street has the Best Bars in Nashville?

  • The short answer: no. In 2020, Nashville’s Mayor made it official: only drinking in bars and restaurants is allowed. But with so many excellent bar choices, you’ll never lack for a drink-inspired good time or rounds on a pub crawl.

What are the best Bars for Couples in Nashville?

  • The Patterson House is our favorite perfect spot to recommend for couples. Its intimate, candle-lit atmosphere always feels curated for those special (and romantic) experiences.

What Bars in Nashville do Celebrities go to?

  • Kid Rock’s has quite a reputation for its celebrity visits and performances, while Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is where many Country Music artists began their careers. For somewhere that’s not in Broadway, Pinewood Social (a cocktail bar combined with a vintage bowling alley) had Taylor Swift, Kristin Cavallari, and others visiting—and it’s just 2 blocks away from Bode!