Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers for your most pressing questions.


Q: Are you open?

A: In a word: yes. In more words: we can’t wait to host you, and we’ve added a bunch of new measures to make sure you’re safe, comfortable, and well.


Q: Where do I check in?

A: Check your DMs. We’ve gone totally contact-free, so we’ll send you a text message with an access code before your stay. Basically, you just need to check your texts, walk straight to your room, and unlock your door. Have any questions or run into any issues? We’re just a text away.

Q: So there’s no concierge?

A: It depends on how you’re thinking about it. If you’re thinking of a person with generic recommendations sitting behind a desk, then no, we don’t have a concierge. If you’re thinking about dialed in people with deep knowledge of the cities where we’re in, who are always just one text away, well then you’re in luck – we have a concierge. Just text (844) 431-BODE for recommendations.

Q: Where do I park?

A: We’re so happy you asked, because our hotels are located right in the heart of the city, so you can leave your car here and head out on foot for the rest of your stay, if that’s your thing. Parking does look a little different at each location, so just give us a call if you want to bring your car.

Q: Can I bring a pet?

A: We love furry friends, but only welcome licensed service animals at Bode Nashville. We allow pets at Bode Chattanooga, but limit one per room and there is a $50 non-refundable fee per stay.

Q: When do I pay and how do I pay?

A: The magical phrase to remember is “50/50.” We ask for 50% upfront when you book, and the remaining 50% is collected a week before your stay. If you book within seven days, we ask for 100% then.

Q: Is luggage storage available?

A: Of course! We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to explore the city even if it’s before check-in time. So rest assured, your things are safe with us before and after you stay.

Q: Do you have a gym?

A: We like to keep things local, so we don’t have a gym on-site, but you know that text concierge we mentioned earlier? They’ve got the best recommendations for local studios – yoga, cycling, crossfit, you name it. Or make your smartphone proud and hit that step count by exploring the city.


Q: Is there housekeeping?

A: We love a neat and tidy space. In the spirit of letting you enjoy the most privacy possible, we don’t have daily service, but it’s available if you’d like it. Just text us and we’ll get something set up.

Q: Is there security?

A: Your safety is super important to us. We have security on-site after hours, and you can call us anytime, too.

Q: Do you have free WiFi?

A: Is the best kind of chicken fried? The answer is always yes.

Q: What about food?

A: Ah, you get us and we get you. Feel free to drop by the Marketplace to stock up your fridge with food or drinks, or you can order it all before you get here at our store, and we’ll have your kitchen stocked for you. We also accept deliveries, so you can order from the apps straight to your room.

Q: Can I BYOB?

A: Think of it as BYOBB. Bring your own Bode beer – or wine, or whiskey. We’ve got it all.

Q: What if coffee is more my thing?

A: Far be it from us to get in the way of you and your morning coffee. We’re stocked with locally sourced beans for a good old fashioned cup or latte, mocha, or tea.


Q: Can I host a meeting or event?

A: You can and we hope you do. We’ve got several flexible spaces to meet a variety of needs – private chefs dinners, work conferences, even small concerts. Find out more about our event spaces here.

Q: Do you do weddings?

A: We do, or should we say “I do”? Let us know your plans at and we’ll be in touch shortly.